Mara Roams by Aedon Young

978-1-63135-293-5-AYoungCoverAbout the Book

Fourteen-year-old Mara dreams about what her future may hold.
Life takes an unlikely turn when she has a bicycle accident and stumbles into an alternate dimension. She meets eighteen-year-old Battery, a girl with a tragic past, who becomes her confidante and protector. Soon after, Mara meets Dru, with whom she shares a
tender first kiss. But Dru and Battery harbour a subtle hostility toward one another and Mara discovers the reason when Dru betrays her.

Thrust back into real life, Mara is disoriented and frightened as she tries to piece together what happened to her. Forced to conceal the alternate dimension, she is given a gift along with her guilt. Mara now understands the elusive language that links nature – animals, plants and the wind share their secrets – yet her journey is peppered with darkness at times. She grasps the wonders of everyday events and realises that the good and bad in life are orchestrated. Strength of character is the weapon that will enable her to know herself, the world around her, and her place in it.

About the Author

Aedon Young’s debut novel is a stunning narrative that depicts a young girl’s transition from child to adult. Mara’s magical journey encapsulates the beauty of innocence and the sometimes painful introduction into maturity. Ms. Young is a writer, educator, actor and producer. She has finished her second book and is working on the sequels to Mara Roams. She lives in Canada with her husband, daughter, and their dogs.

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