Books by Antoinette Abbamonte

Tree Wise: The Signing Branches

978-1-62857-646-7-AAbbamonteCoverTree Wise: The Signing Branches is a delightful story about a boy who learns how to help his new friend and classmates understand more about deaf culture. A wise old tree teaches sign language to the children through games, while colorful pictures and simple diagrams make it easy to pick up sign language.

Tree Wise teaches children about diversity, friendship, empathy, and a bit of sign language. Antoinette captures an experience a Child of Deaf Adults (CODA) may have growing up straddling the two cultures. Hold on to your heart, as you welcome the characters brought to life through descriptive language and fun illustrations.” – Kristie Cain, credentialed elementary school teacher, sign language interpreter, and licensed marriage and family therapist

Your story provides a foundation for both hearing and deaf to come together … the spirit of both worlds colliding in the most natural state, human interaction, can only produce limitless opportunities for both hearing and deaf cultures! A magnificent tribute to the human nature of interaction regardless!” – Sandy O’Dea, teacher

Tree Wise is a delightful introduction into the world of deaf culture. It is an interesting adventure for both hearing and deaf to find common ground for mutual understanding. Well done!” – Deanne Bray, actor, TV series “Sue Thomas F.B.Eye”

 Gratitude, Trust, Intimacy, and Love: (in ASL, the expressive language)   

Intimacy is the freedom to be exactly who you are with your best friend and with each other.

Gratitude, Trust, Intimacy, and Love are the critical tools we need to exercise, which promotes creating the reality we see and experience. This allows one to root out negative thinking and transform our lives with an abundance of joy on all levels.

It is about how we live amid the suffering from wars and violence, and not properly taking care of ourselves, our environment, or our animals that share this planet. We need to take care of ourselves so others can learn from us, because we are the role models for the next generation, and we conquer the challenges of each day by reflecting on something we feel grateful for.

Says author Antoinette Abbamonte: “As an actress who happens to be deaf, I have been transforming myself with the best methods of how to cope with life. It became clear to me that my destiny is to be a role model and to show others how to handle themselves in life with whatever scenario, by dealing with negative energy by first establishing the foundation of taking care of yourself.”

Part of her education included attending a school for the deaf, but she initially learned ASL (American Sign Language) from her deaf parents, and refers to it as her first language.

This insightful book was written for children and adults alike.

About the Author

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAProfessional actor Antoinette Abbamonte also delves into writing. She just completed another children’s book titled My Triangle Vacation. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, to a deaf family, the author enjoys working with children and offers theater workshops for schools. She has a very loving family, and her husband and two young children provide plenty of support and inspiration. She believes that life is an adventure! Her book applies to different cultures and not just the deaf culture. “It’s all about how we understand, celebrate, and appreciate our differences.”