Before You Judge Me by Christine A. Gibbs

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Forged on the Streets of NYC, Adversity Molds a Young Woman

Novel Proves That Courage Can
Emerge From the Worst of Times

Before You Judge Me tells the story of a courageous young woman who must face the world alone. She endures tremendous heartaches, but finds she can still love, and faith in God was all that she needed.

Having grown up in foster care, a teenage Chavonne finds herself alone on the tough streets of New York City. She is kidnapped and forced into the sex industry, where she works at a strip club and is pursued by a womanizer. After surviving the dangers of the big city, Chavonne is finally reunited with her long-lost family, whom she has longed for all her life. But they have surprises in store that she will find hard to handle.

Before You Judge Me shows the best and worst of humanity. Chavonne realizes that life must be lived on her own terms. Throughout everything she has endured, with love, faith, and tenacity, this woman realizes she can triumph and survive anything with God on her side.

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About the Author

Christine A. Gibbs was born and raised in New York City, and currently resides in Atlanta.