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A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever: Volume II: A Beginner’s Guide to Becoming an Antiques Dealer

The long-awaited Volume II of a Beginner’s Guide to Becoming an Antiques Dealer is intended to complement the first volume, moving readers on to the next level in starting a full-time antiques business.

This fully illustrated paperback written by Christine Pym provides in-depth professional tips and suggestions that come from her first-hand experience in creating, building, and establishing from scratch the forty-year-old acclaimed high-end retail business David J Pym Antiques.

Critiqued as “unique in its genre, compelling, and captivating,” this how-to guide also provides general background information on antique terms and time periods, together with descriptions of popular products and collectors’ items. These include such treasures as rare and vintage guitars, timepieces, Renaissance and Baroque-style cupids and putti, as well as Art Nouveau and Art Deco art glass, lady figure bronzes and table lamps, mirrors and chandeliers for interior design, and fine jewelry.

Written for antiquities enthusiasts and passionate collectors everywhere, the book is considered “a rare first-hand glimpse into the antiques world and its internal workings.”

The book begins by asking the question: “What is the antiques industry about?” No one, including universities, has been able to get to the bottom of it. By all accounts, it remains a popular, yet mystifying, sometimes secretive, unregulated industry. Also, despite being potentially rewarding and exciting, it cannot be described as an easy profession. Therefore, the book seeks to explore and simplify the business.

A Beginner’s Guide to Becoming an Antiques Dealer: Antiques for Everyone

Beginner or Expert: What You Need to Know to Start Dealing in Antiques

The subject of antiques is so diverse that it has no beginning and no end. It can stretch your expertise, knowledge, and entrepreneurship in every way, which is why the business so often appeals to retired professionals with a proven track record. Antiques offer a fascinating and magical allure, as well as a look back in time. The business attracts creative, sometimes larger-than-life colourful characters.

A Beginner’s Guide to Becoming an Antiques Dealer describes in concise, easy-to-read, and fun terms a beginner’s entry point. Most everyone will someday inherit antique or collector’s items, and there is vast interest in the topic. Isn’t it time you learned from professionals?

Rules and regulations have emerged to help provide fair trading and credibility in this industry that sets it apart from any other retail business. Having been involved with the high-end antiques industry for 25 years, starting as a hobby and working through all the stages, including owning and co-directing two professional businesses, author Christine Pym thought it would be interesting to analyse and share the process for others.

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Author Christine Pym of Newbury, West Berkshire, says, “Although the industry is about antiques, the entry age for involvement does not have to be antique!”