Thursday’s Child by Clive Thomas

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Journey Back in This Exciting Tale of Australia’s True Founding

Says Australian author Clive Thomas, “In 2006 after I retired from being what you call a rancher and we call a ‘grazier,’ breeding sheep for wool and meat, my wife Katherine and I moved from Forbes, an inland town in New South Wales, like Kangamite (the town in the book), to the seaside. When I’d completed my memoir, I found I’d conjured up many characters from my past who belonged to an extinct species. They weren’t going to rest until I’d told their tales.”

His saga of a world long gone comes alive in his powerful adventure novel Thursday’s Child: Journeys Far and Wide in the Australian Outback. Meet foundling Peter Tobin, who lived in a vanished age, a time when the wide Australian outback was opening up to the force of railroads, steam power, visionary builders, and determined men who wanted to claim this vital continent.

In the remote outback of the late 19th century, Tobin makes his own way in the world, working his way up from drover to sheep shearer and horse breaker, to horse trainer during the South African War, and finally to a wealthy land owner. Thursday’s Child is the story of how the Australian Outback was won.






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