The Balam Restoration by D.L. Morris

The Balam Restoration Part 2- Ambivalence Morris_Cover_Web

We were asleep too long. The enemy has been busy. There was a plan, to defeat the greatest foe in the galaxy, and I was key to that plan. Unfortunately, I can’t remember it. Not to mention, time has taken its toll on the once proud metropolis of Tewhebenco, the center of our operations. Now it is just an endless jungle, and we have to start from scratch, again. And, we have no means of getting to anyplace civilized.

Being lost in this jungle hasn’t helped, but at least we met a team of archeologists in training. The best thing to do, I guess, is accompany these college kids, and when they are finished playing around in the dirt, they will take us to what passes for civilization after seven thousand years. Then we can start rebuilding…

The stunning science-fiction adventure Ambivalence: The Balam Restoration Part 2 follows the continuing adventures of warrior Kendra “Amaratzu” Anteen. The battle to save Earth begins in the jungles of Central America. 

The Balam Restoration – Part 1: Without a Past

Sci-Fi Thriller Takes the
Definition of Survival to the Limit!

Is panic an option?

When Kendra “Amaratzu” Anteen, the only hope for humanity, languishes in a maximum security Avalonian prison colony convicted of war crimes, Alexander Lokraven, grand admiral and supreme commander of the Avalonian Coalition, uses his prestige and influence to conduct the most daring break out in history.

Together they made preparations for the final showdown with an enemy that wishes to destroy anything and everything that is not of their design.

Now, as the time approaches, she can’t even remember who she is, let alone the plan for The Balam Restoration. Can she escape the shut down, but not abandoned, subterranean military facility before she runs out of air and options? Can she put the pieces of her life together? Can she succeed, Without a Past?

Panic is not an option.

About Tales from the Polyverse

Morris_Cover_WebThe first tale in this collection of ten short stories describes a universe that accidentally discovers how to give its people superpowers. But with heroes come villains, and at times it’s difficult to tell them apart.

Next it’s on to a universe where cat people have developed a means of commercial interstellar flight. After that, galactic intrigue develops when several governments try to locate a simple star fighter pilot who is not what she seems.

Then it’s on to a dystopian world where its star has changed colors. The ensuing carnage destroys civilization and ecosystems around the planet. One of the destroyed cities, known now as Skeleton City, lives on even in death.

This is followed by a lighthearted look at a combination of science fiction and magic in which the author has created all new rules. In a future where Earth is attacked by a race that “seeks to bring peace to the galaxy,” the aliens’ idea of peace is death.

Travel to a different world where the population receives a human signal, but most don’t think it’s real. Those who do must meet in secret to decipher the code.

What would happen in a world where companions are manufactured to do whatever they are told? The most popular models, of course, are feminine in appearance.

In one story, a young man must learn all he can about mysticism before he goes to an arcane postsecondary school.

In the final story, Crocs have attacked Earth and have nearly wiped out humanity. Those who survive try to kill the enemy, but at what cost?

About the AuthorAuthor Morris Pix

D. L. Morris was inspired to write this series by his interest in ancient astronaut theories. He manufactures cutting lasers for industrial applications and lives in New Jersey.