The Rainbow Chicks: The Rainbow Chicks Are Born

by Dixie Chetty

978-1-62857-311-4-DChettyCoverAbout the Book

Immediately before the first democratic elections in South Africa in 1994, there was a farm there with a mother hen named Gwen, who was about to have chicks.

She made a wish upon a star for her chicks to be special. On the day of the election, the chicks were born, each one being a different colour of the rainbow.

The Rainbow Chicks is named after Rainbow Nation, a term used to describe post-apartheid South Africa, where people of all colours now have the right to vote.

This inspiring children’s story was inspired by real events in South Africa that changed the world!

About the Author

Dixie Chetty lives in Durban and works for the government of South Africa. This is her first book.