Why Urban-Rural Under-Developed Communities Will Never Develop in South Africa: Mooiplaas Informal Settlement, a Relevant Case Study: In the Front Lines by Dudu Sokhela

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At the heart of community development in under-developed communities, ghettos, and slums, is society’s need to deal decisively with poverty, want, and need.

South African author Dudu Sokhela has compacted cutting-edge techniques and strategies that can ensure sustainable urban-rural community development, based on the person-centered community development approach.

Drawing from extensive knowledge and experience of grass roots progressive social change acquired at various nonprofit organizations, she presents a solid point of entry into the indigent community that is often characterized by poverty and inequalities.

The book’s information is presented right from the time the indigent community is entered. This allows readers to learn the values and beliefs that make up the community, as well as the delicate process of consultation, community participation, and the hindrances hampering development that are coupled with the prevalent inexperience and promotion of dependency by service providers.

Profound inequalities and favoritism exist in the way resources are funded and distributed by those in power. There is also a lack of compliance in coordinating community programs and how the community can proceed in maintaining development once it has been started.

Why Urban-Rural Under-Developed Communities Will Never Develop in South Africa is a must-read for those in the helping professions tasked with turning the tide of poverty in these communities in South Africa, like the Mooiplaas Informal Settlement in Centurion.
This book can help bring to fruition new government strategies to regulate service providers funded by private organizations, and also aid those that promote dependency in such communities.

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About the Author

Dudu Sokhela is a social worker in private practice, WMCCL founder, assessor skills programme facilitator, and adult basic education volunteer supervisor in Pretoria, working on a campaign to root out illiteracy in South Africa.