The Infidel by Elisabetta L. Faenza

About the Bookthe-infidel-by-elisabetta-l-faenza 

When your blood decides the fate of kings, better to die a lion than a lamb.”

The Infidel, the first book in The Condottiero Trilogy, is based on the real history of a family of famed assassins in the 13th century.

This intriguing work of historical fiction is set against the backdrop of the religious wars known as the Crusades and reveals an untold story behind the fighting. It is a story of espionage, family tragedy, and an arcane labyrinth of secret orders that will enthrall readers.

As Gian struggles to find his family’s killers, he becomes embroiled in the world of politics, greed, and treachery, before he discovers the truth about his heritage and the role he is to play in the fate of kingdoms.the-infidel-by-elisabetta-l-faenza-kindlefirethe-infidel-by-elisabetta-l-faenza-back-cover