Author Erick W Nason

In the Company of Wolves: The New Campaigns of Ranger Captain Jacob Clarke

“Pick your targets, lads. Make them count!” Patrick yelled as he squeezed the trigger on his rifle and began to reload. “We’re going to have a lot of company soon. Be ready to fall back.”
The Rangers followed their training, one man firing while the other covered. Jacob moved and reacted automatically, though he felt a growing anger as he watched the Provincials break and run instead of fighting.
As the flood became a tide of running Provincial soldiers, Patrick gave the order to breakaway. One Ranger would run back while his partner fired, then he would turn and cover his partner. Their accurate fire was effective, but it was not enough to turn the tide.
Here is the opening tale of Ranger Jacob Clarke, fighting alongside his fellow Rangers of Captain Robert Rogers Company, fighting as green-clad wraiths in the thick northern forests and mountains of New York, attempting to stem the French tide as they poured through the Champlain Valley, their sights set on Albany. Will the actions of the Rangers, alongside the Provincials and Red-coated regulars of the British Army, be enough to stop the French and their Indian Allies?

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A Fury of Wolves

Erick W. Nason’s second book in his French and Indian War series furthers the exploits of Ranger Sergeant Jacob Clarke, as Jacob continues in the historical fight against the French, the Canadians, and their Indian allies.

After the massacre and fall of British-held Fort William Henry in 1757, Major Robert Rogers continues to lead Jacob and his fellow Rangers in unconventional partisan warfare against their hated foes. They nearly lose their lives at the Battle on Show shoes, the disastrous assault against Fort Carillon, and in fighting their French partisan rivals Jean-Baptiste de Langy and Durantaye.

Besides fighting their enemies, the Rangers had to deal with the growing tension between British regulars and the provincials. To fill their depleted ranks, Jacob leads a recruiting party to find the right men for the Ranger Companies, before heading north to join the British expedition against Quebec. This historical novel contains more real fact than fiction, including actual people and events.

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About the Author:

As an academic, Erick W. Nason has written numerous papers in support of the American Revolution. “I decided to take my love of military history, my twenty years of active duty in Special Forces, and my thirty years of being a re-enactor, into a work of historical fiction. There has not been a good book written about the French and Indian War in New York since James Fennimore Cooper.