No Escape: A Maze of Greed and Murder

by H.H. Charles

978-1-62516-998-3-HHCharlesCoverAbout the Book

The chase is on, and it will leave you breathless in this thriller that crosses the line of dirty Washington politics into murder.

When former Iraqi combat veteran and current U.S. Senator Tom Graves proposes that drugs be legalized, it unleashes a backlash from the religious right. Opposition to his proposal is unwittingly organized and funded by a Washington power broker. The opposition takes a deadly turn when a zealot detonates an explosive during the proposal’s first hearing and Graves is hospitalized. During recovery, the senator meets Dr. Victoria Bennett, a woman with a complicated past. After the two become involved, Victoria is murdered. Graves resorts to his military training to track down her killer.

Captured by a drug lord, Graves is helped to escape by his daughter, Angelica, only to be tracked down and surrounded in an abandoned DEA safe house by the drug lord’s trained assassins. Escape seems impossible. Could his proposed drug law have led to such A Maze of Greed and Murder?

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