The Ringer by Jim Bowden

978-1-62516-979-2-JBowdenCoverAbout the Book

In the Fall of 2011 my son Sam and I were mentally influenced by extraterrestrials while in our home in Arizona. We were mentally toyed with and also terrorized. These mental attacks occurred without warning and were instantaneous upon their arrival. The experience was almost entirely telepathic but also included visual imagery the ET’s wanted us to see. Since we felt they were deceptive we couldn’t and didn’t trust anything they said or anything they showed us mentally.

Because our ordeal was telepathic I can’t speak for Sam’s experience but as his father my job was to protect him while fending off the aliens who were focused on me.

There was more than one type of alien in our home. One alien group wanted me dead.
Their relentless, highly focused mental torture left me knowing I would die at any minute. This continued for days.

These aliens were nothing like the other extraterrestrials we encountered. If I were to speculate I’d say those deadly aliens could make almost anyone commit suicide and perhaps they have.

This book concerns itself with many other worldly habits and pastimes of extraterrestrials but I would advise the reader to pay special attention to their abilities regarding mental influence or mind control over us.