The Sidehill Detective by Jon Alfred Smith

978-1-62857-417-3-JSmithCoverAbout the Book

The Sidehill Detective is Deputy Vern Birdwell, who began his law enforcement career at the tender age of 16, using the same detective skills to solve crimes that he developed while hunting for dinner. He discovers that catching criminals is like catching game! Both involve sleuthing skills to net prey.

Vern becomes a detective years later and helps bring Western law enforcement into the new century. Just as he begins searching for a murderer and bank robber, Vern falls in love with Mabel, the town librarian.

Vern is a peace-loving man, but will do what he has to when it comes to finding criminals and love. The SideHill Detective is a compelling Western drama with plenty of romance to boot.

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About the Author

Jon Alfred SmithFirst-time author Jon Alfred Smith was born in Puyallup, Washington, and now resides in Albany, Oregon. “My wife was seriously ill for five years till she passed away last April. I was her full-time caretaker. I had free time between the times when she needed help, but I couldn’t leave, so I started this book, hoping to make a birthday gift of it to her. She passed away before it was finished and never got to read it. I think she would have liked it. We had been married for 45 years, three days and 19 hours.”