Death from Down Under: A Killer Boy Book

by Judo Barr

978-1-62212-767-2-JBarrCoverAbout the Book

Evil Child Runs Amok
in Blood-Soaked Thriller

‘Death from Down Under’
Follows a Spreading Killing Spree

No child is born evil. Some just get that way. As a small child, Kyle Madden displayed a malevolent, evil, and violent personality. He ran away from home when he was 10. For the next four years, he lived a life of crime and violence, surviving in storm water drains and back alleys. He has grown up with murderers, rapists, corrupt ex-cops, military veterans, and potential terrorists.

Kyle’s nickname is Killer Boy. At the ripe age of 14, his life takes an even more violent turn, when he is arrested and escapes by killing two cops. Hiding out in a farmhouse, a cornered Kyle causes a massive gas explosion, killing or maiming more than 30 cops. Killer Boy then blows up a police station, killing even more cops. He flees Australia by stowing onboard a freighter bound for Hawaii. The freighter stops at Fiji, where a beautiful girl stows onboard. The two meet in the hold, and for the first time Killer Boy falls in love.

When the girl is discovered by the drunken crew, she is brutally raped and murdered. In a fit of rage, Killer Boy murders everyone onboard and escapes in a dinghy. Ending up in America, this brutally raised boy goes on another wild and violent rampage across America. When will the killing ever stop.

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