The Yellow Field by Lauren Pickering

978-1-62857-974-1-LPickeringCoverAbout the Book

This Erotic Romance
Breaks All the Rules

In The Yellow Field, lesbian love competes with heterosexual relationships. University student Emma Pascoe meets Sally, when Sally is offered a job at Emma’s family farm near Stratford, England. Upset by the recent break-up with her boyfriend, Emma is surprised she has such a sudden and unexpected attraction to Sally. With Sally, she experiences the first orgasm of her life.

Falling quickly in love, Emma has to leave the next day for a women-only course in France. There, she shares a room with Sophie, a larger-than-life French girl with a voracious sexual appetite. Emma decides to find out whether she is genuinely bi-sexual. Meanwhile, Sally settles in at her new job, living by herself in one of the farm cottages. She remembers her turbulent love life with Lou, her best friend and also the girlfriend of Sally’s step-brother, Jamie. They are drawn into a three-way relationship, until Jamie announces he is moving to Australia. Sally is devastated when Lou tells her that she doesn’t care for her anymore.

Re-living these memories, Sally begins to worry if what she started with Emma was a rebound relationship, and what will happen when she returns. Sally and Emma experiment with both boys and girls, and When Emma does return home, she is in for a big shock.

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