Keeper of the Crypt by Madeleine Bellmond

978-1-62516-341-7-MBellmondCoverAbout the Book

Vampire Searches for Love in
Novel Drenched With Biting Satire

Count Vladimir “Vladi” Baranowski is not your typical vampire. His search to find love and for his true place in the world lead him across the U.S. With the first stop in Las Vegas, what could possibly go wrong?

Luckily, Vladi has his faithful personal assistant along to smooth out any problems. Rodney Priddle is just an average small town guy from Beavertooth, Saskatchewan. He accepts the job of keeping the count out of trouble, as he becomes Keeper of the Crypt. Predictably, when things hit a snag in Vegas, what happens there, doesn’t stay there!

Things go from bad to worse in Charleston, South Carolina, where Rodney falls for a Southern belle and the count has his heart broken. (Perhaps he took necking a little too far?) Whatever the case, will their friendship prove to be thicker than blood?

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