Some of the Whole Truth by Mark Sproule-Jones

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If you always thought that U.S.-Canadian relations seemed too good to be true, you’ll enjoy the political intrigue and tit for tat in the thrilling novel Some of the Whole Truth.

From a surprise beginning to a surprising end, this tale of revenge, duplicity, and lust takes readers into the highest level of politics in Ottawa and Washington.

In present day politics, the Canadian prime minister seeks revenge for U.S. hacking into Canada’s secret computer files. The revenge is designed to provoke and tease the president, a smooth-talking womanizer from Indiana.

The PM’s wife wants a fast, peaceful retirement to her husband’s British Columbia hometown, and she threatens blackmail to succeed. The PM falls prey to an ambitious MP who wants both lust and power. Though security services of both the U.S. and Canada are collegial in strategy, they are ruthless in operations. Assassination and kidnapping become part of the agenda.

The central character is Canadian Prime Minister Arthur Jones, who exacts revenge for the blundered U.S. hacking. Soon payback leads to payback, with push coming to shove from the PM’s wife as well as the president’s mistress, who is also the U.S. Secretary of State.

The game envelopes the powerful, their families, and their lovers. You might even learn Some of the Whole Truth.

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About the Author

Mark Sproule-JonesBorn in South Wales, Mark Sproule-Jones has written numerous books and articles over a 40-year career at universities in Canada, the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand. He lives largely in Southern Ontario and partly on Vancouver Island. He enjoys keeping up with politics and environmental issues.