The Ploughman’s Talk (1): wisdom from the furrows

by Rich. N. Ekegbo

978-1-62857-203-2-REkegboCoverAbout the Book

The time frame for the book is between five and ten years. The setting is the ploughing, harrowing, and harvesting field, where The Ploughman, like the farmer, gives pieces of advice that make those who hid him become better.

“If the Holy Book were expressible, The Ploughman’s Talk (I) could be Vol. II of the Book of Wisdom, for words of wisdom begin the book, saturate it, and bring it to a close. If one attempts to underline the deep thoughts in the book, he soon gives up, as he finds himself underlining every line. So you just have to peruse on, chew the words, digest them, and nourish your mind, as each page makes you wiser.” – Prof. Pita Ejiofor (NPOM)

The Ploughman is a wisdom book of extraordinary excellence, which concretizes tracts of human experiences for those who stumble over it. It is a livewire to all who wish to be wise, or increase in wisdom.” – P.N. Anugwu (Ezeukwu of Mbaukwu)

“Rich Ekegbo’s The Ploughman’s Talk is rich in philosophy and the layman’s wisdom; rich in understanding and guidance; rich in intellectualism and academe. It is a welcome contribution by a Reverend Father that will serve as a historical, a deserving, and treasurable collection for all to read and behold. I do, hereby, recommend.” – Prof. Boniface C.E. Egboka, Ag. Vice-Chancellor, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka

The Ploughman’s Talk presents a storehouse of philosophical and witty thought, at once universal and adapted to the Nigerian environment.” – Mr. Afuba