Little Jakey – Book 1: Little Jakey’s House by Richard Edgley

978-1-62516-775-0-REdgleyCoverAbout the Book

As one of the great cats of the jungle, a panther should have an equally great place to call home. What kind of house would a panther want?

Little Jakey, the greatest black panther of all time, has ventured deep into the rainforest all alone in search of adventure and excitement. He wants to find a house he can call his own. Jakey’s not looking for just any home; he is searching for the very best. When Jakey finds the perfect place, he only needs to make a few minor improvements.

What kind of improvements will Jakey need to make? Join Jakey on his house-hunting adventure in the fun new children’s book Little Jakey’s House. Now that he’s settled into his new house, the next book in the “Little Jakey” series is Book 2: Little Jakey Goes Swimming.

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