My Jesus, My Role Model by Salome M. Fenyane

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Having Jesus as Her
Role Model Changed Everything!

After receiving Jesus Christ as her life savior in 2000, it seemed the weight author Salome M. Fenyane carried on her shoulders for so many years was lighter. “The reality was that it was still there; I carried the anger, fear, sadness, hurt, and guilt wherever I went. I just hoped that one day everything would be all right. This hope kept me going as I searched for the presence of the Lord in my life.” Then everything changed when “I started seeing Jesus Christ not just as my life savior, but also my role model. It felt like someone just woke me up.”

I have come that they may have it (life) abundantly” John 10:10.

“This scripture was my day-to-day goal, but I still found myself carrying burdens. Worse, I saw my parents and friends going through the same process without hope,” says the author. Curiosity caused her to search how Christians could start living life to the fullest. “I found the answer: I found myself, I love myself, and I am living a meaningful life.”

The intention of My Jesus, My Role Model is to empower Christians, enabling us to acknowledge the limitations we created for ourselves and our Lord Jesus Christ, to realize our inner strength and worthiness, and make use of our given birth rights to create the world we want to live in, as well as the world we want to leave future generations.

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About the Author

Salome M. FenyaneFirst-time author Salome M. Fenyane lives in Pretoria, South Africa.