Most Common Mistakes by Non-Native Speakers of English: How Not to Be Conspicuous As a Foreigner Because of One’s Bad English by Sergiy Zatsarynnyy


About the Book

Want to know the difference between ’cause’ and ‘reason’? Not sure when to write ‘according’ and when ‘accordingly’? Confused about the correct usage of the gerund?

This book is a compilation of the “Polishing Up English” newsletters I have been sending for over six years to employees whose native language is not English. In these newsletters, I cover common language issues for business people.

Based on personal experience, I came to understand that most of the mistakes non-native speakers of English make are shared, and are encountered across the board, rather than being unique and strictly personal.

Some mistakes appear more often than others. Examples of most frequent mistakes are analyzed and included. These mistakes also occur in contexts common to most areas of human interaction, such as small talk, in-office conversation, business correspondence, IT, and similar communication.

This book features simpler chapters for beginners, Pronunciation and Punctuation. Followed by chapters for intermediate learners of English, such as Words and Phrases. Advanced users of English can use the Style and Quiz chapters to test their understanding of the language.

This makes the book ideal for any non-native speaker of English, who proactively uses English on a daily basis for communicating with various English speakers both in written form and orally.

Using this book will give you a unique opportunity to cut the list of possible mistakes you may make to a minimum.

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About the Author

Sergiy Zatsarynnyy PhotoSergiy Zatsarynnyy of the Ukraine is a technical writer for multinational companies from different parts of the world. He holds a bachelor of cultural studies (humanities) from the University of Kiev-Mohyla Academy and a master of arts in English studies from the University of Leipzig (Germany). For 10 years, he has been interacting in English with people from Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Hungary, India, Poland, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, Turkey, Ukraine, and the United States.