Business Ninjas: An Entrepreneur’s Tale from Riches to Rags to Sanity by Stephanie Bulgarino-Weier

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How to Be Ready for
What The Business World Throws at You

Entrepreneur Stephanie Bulgarino-Weier provides a candid picture of the possible pitfalls and inevitable ups and downs of starting a business. In these hard economic times, she believes everyone needs the stealth skills of Business Ninjas to survive and thrive in a competitive business climate.

This personal survival guide is a must-read for any small businessman facing lost profits, higher costs, and tough competition. Meet two entrepreneurs who decide to purchase a small retail store. With visions of wealth, growing the business, and a willingness to work hard, the two believed they could take their mom and pop shop to much bigger and better things.

Then the bottom dropped out of their business. Within three years, one partner became seriously ill, they lost their store lease, and the company was forced into bankruptcy. Anger, bitterness, and frustration took the place of health, happiness, and hope, as the two struggled to stay afloat. This is their story and how they survived.

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About the Author

Stephanie Bulgarino-WeierStephanie Bulgarino-Weier is an author and entrepreneur. Her trials trying to save her business started out as a “rant” blog on the Web. She and her husband run an entertainment and branding company they began over 13 years ago. They live on an organic winery/ranch with their two sons in Agua Dulce, California.