Poems of Love and Pain by Vincent Dizeo

Poems of Love and Pain is meant to show that people aren’t alone in this world and that others have the same feelings that they do.

This collection of poems and letters were sent to ladies I have loved though the years. It includes my feelings, hopes, dreams, love, and my pain. My heart and soul are trapped between these lines, showing my raw emotions and letting the ink flow to express myself the only way I can.

I was born in Brooklyn, New York, on July 19, 1976. I have two sisters and loving parents, but I’ve had a hard time dealing with love and the pain it can bring. I’m very romantic and my feelings get hurt easily.

I love big and get hurt big. I’m the type who will love a woman endlessly and forever.

I began writing at age 16 and never stopped. Moments get captured in my mind like a camera, creating snapshots of my memories to never let them go. I hold a lot in, but write everything down, as it’s the only way I know to express my feelings.

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About the Author

A single dad, Vincent Dizeo says, “I moved to Florida to give my son a better life and start all over with my wife, which never worked out. My heart was broken by her many times.” This is his first book. “I will never stop writing as long as I have love and pain in my heart.”