The People’s Poet by Walter James

978-1-62516-773-6-WJamesCoverAbout the Book

From Street Crime to
Nature’s Bounty, His Poetry Runs the Gamut

Walter James wrote his early poetry about the dramatic and the frightening. But his more recent poems reflect more serene surroundings and contemplations such as the future of mankind. Both sides reflect the path his life has taken.

The author’s lasting impressions in The People’s Poet crystallizes into poetry that is both emotional and gripping. We read about crime and street violence one moment, and later touch on soothing scenes such as nature and the environment.

Some poems were completed after years passed, including “In Spanish Harlem,” which was written “when I felt secure enough to look back in time during that period in 1980.” His impressions have crystallized into poetry that is both emotional and gripping. All the variations come from The People’s Poet.

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