Sami and the Donkey Village by Yaismen Abubeker

978-1-61897-825-7-YAbubekerCoverAbout the Book

Many years ago, before the beginning of human life, the world was ruled by animals. Every country had its own ruler.

Set in Ethiopia, the children’s book narrates the tale of Sami, a smart and cheerful little donkey who solves a mystery about the hyenas’ plans.

The hyenas and the donkeys are neighbors. The hyenas invite the donkeys to a funeral. The donkeys know something is off and don’t want to go, but had no choice. They persuade Sami to go with them in case something would happen.

Sami is an orphan, and is always happy and caring. When she learns what the hyenas are planning, she devises a plan against their foolishness. Read how Sami’s life is challenged by the hyenas and how she saves herself. A wonderful children’s folklore tale, Sami and the Donkey Village has been passed down from generation to generation.

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About the Author

Yaismen Abubeker was born in Ethiopia and grew up in Australia. This is her first book.