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Silly Animal Rhymes and Stories A to Z

Here’s a sneak look at who’s inside and what they get up to.
ALLIGATORS—a sort of joining
BUSTARD—big bird, no taste
CATBIRD—a bird that eats cats?
DOG—a sad hound story
EEL, SEAL—no dinner today
FISH (Grouper)—an awful mistake
HORSE, GOAT—a mixed marriage
INVERTEBRATES—let’s hear it for the little guys!
JACKRABBIT—making a monk of himself
KANGAROO—(don’t tell Mama, this one’s naughty)
LORIS—a sort of Dinosaur?
MICE—what the farmer’s wife didn’t know . . . or did she?
NEWT—an unpleasant event
OWL—a horror movie
PUFFERFISH—an overblown reputation
QUAIL, RAIL—seeking the Holy Grail
RETRIEVER—a love story
SPIDER—watch what you drink, Miss Muffet!
TRITON, CHITON (Mollusks)—sparring partners
UROCHORDATE (Sea Squirt)—this story goes nowhere
VARANUS (Lizard)—a fairy wizard saves her life!
WORM—size matters
XENOPUS (Frog)—a repaired blow-up
YETI—the very first spelled word!
ZIPHIUS (Whale) + Friends—whale mail
AT THE ZOO—a field trip for you

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Strange Bedfellows

Etymologically-related words, most surprisingly so (strange bedfellows), are used to construct amusing and/or amazing pairs, phrases and whole sentences, mostly accompanied by silly or satirical comments, tall tales with recurring characters, poems, fake news and fake ads for Dr. Duck’s Dealy Deli. An appendix gives many other pairs of surprisingly related synonyms, antonyms, etc., balanced by the converse -pairs one might expect to be related but are not.

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Author Bio

Anil is a retired biologist, born in Kentucky, now a dual citizen of Australia living in Perth. He is the author of an award-winning children’s (and all ages!) book, Silly Animal Rhymes and Stories A to Z, and a big book of puns and other humorous word play, How to Double the Meaning of Life. A sequel to Strange Bedfellows is also near completion.