Code Breaker by Ann Bryant

9781681817743-Bryant_CV.inddWhen Mr. Clark, the Year 6 teacher, announces that this term every student will be writing a Daily Status report about their life and their hobbies, Joe panics. What can he write about? His life is boring and he has zero hobbies.

But Mr. Clark seems to have the idea that Joe likes making and breaking codes. Result! Joe can run with that.

Before he knows it, he’s finding out about the Enigma Machine that was famously used by the British to crack German secret codes during World War II.

The trouble is, it’s still not enough to fill up a daily status for forty whole days, so pretty soon Joe is making things up. Big time!

The fantasy world that Joe creates in each Daily Status is followed by the hilarious truth of what is actually happening in his real life. It’s all so embarrassing. TELL NO ONE … especially not about his mum’s farting handbag dog, Fluffeta Sue!

Ann Bryant is the internationally published author of about 120 books.