Keep Life Simple: An Easy-to-Read Book on Anti-Aging for Today’s Modern Woman by Annette Spanski

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How Can Women Look & Feel Their Best at Any Age? Keep It Simple!

Women! Now is the time to put yourself first, get your life back, love the body you’re in, and age well! How can you do it? It’s easy if you read the dynamic health-wise book Keep Life Simple: An Easy-to-Read Book on Anti-Aging for Today’s Modern Woman.

A personal fitness trainer who specializes in training women, author Annette Spanski is going on 50, but doesn’t look it! She is also a lifestyle blogger and has made two successful yoga videos: the beginner’s version titled Yoga Breath is Life, and the intermediate, Yoga Breath is Life II.

This book shares the author’s secrets to a healthier lifestyle and to looking your best at any age. It was written for housewives, professionals, and real women everywhere who are asking: “Why don’t I feel right anymore?” “How can I age so that I look and feel great?” Are you ready to turn back the clock? Now’s the time to look great and feel good!

About the Author

Annette SpanskiAge has become just a number for Annette Spanski of Australia. She has found her fountain of youth and is excited to share her experiences with readers. “A divorce in 2012 lead to a journey of reinvention in every aspect of my life, and when an email to a healthy living magazine complaining about the lack of fit photos of women over 40 turned into a headline-making article, the inspiration for Keep Life Simple was born.” I feel great. Age, for me, has become just a number. I have found my fountain of youth and now I am excited to share my experiences and more with you. Now is your time to feel great too.

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