A Decision: Short Stories by Asror Allayarov

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A Decision: Short Stories offers a deeply inspiring collection of tales showing the culture and character of Eastern people. Written by a journalist from Uzbekistan, there is a varied mix of topics in the book, including romance, love of God, faithfulness, and the mindset of the people living in the region.

This wonderful group of short stories delves into Eastern thinking and how these people come to make A Decision.

This is the first book for author Asror Allayarov. His next book is a novel about a political game being played between the countries of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

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About the Author

Asror AllayarovAsror Allayarov is a young journalist in Uzbekistan. He is currently editor-in-chief in Karshi for a newspaper named Eastern World. He has won local and international writing awards, including The Golden Pen prize in 2007 from the Kashkadarya newspaper, organized by the Uzbekistan Journalists Union. He won first place in the Youth Life in Media competition, and his poems and stories were published in the Kafla Intercontinental magazine in India. He also edited Uzbek Writer’s Anthology, published in India in 2013. He enjoys watching English movies and his dream is to go to the United States.