Books by Bill Prinzivalli and Gerard Farias

Improvisational Leaders: Integrating Business, Mindfulness, and Improvisation

This book aims to increase the level of consciousness, communications, and authenticity in the business world. It advocates mindfulness, self-awareness, creativity, improvisation, and a cooperative nature for workers at all levels of the organization to facilitate greater leadership and enhanced organizational performance.

Part One presents an observation of the business world, describing the concept that integrating nonlinear (right-brain) practices with predominant linear (left-brain) practices will improve both personal and business success.

Part Two presents wide-ranging topics of awareness, including self-understanding, mindfulness, various styles of meditation, psychological modalities, and the application of these practices into daily life.

Part Three delves into the art form of improvisation, discussing its principles, benefits, and applications, including exercises for both personal and business use.


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About the Authors

Bill Prinzivalli is an entrepreneur, executive coach, organizational consultant, author, improviser, speaker, and improvisational workshop facilitator. After working in corporate America for over 40 years, and starting four companies, he is now the CEO of his own consulting company. In addition to his business expertise, he has vast experience in the areas of mindfulness, communications, and improvisation; and he judiciously integrates these practices in designing customized solutions for his clients.


Gerard Farias, an associate professor of management, earned a Ph.D. in organization studies from Texas Tech University. He joined the Silberman College of Business at Fairleigh Dickinson University, where he teaches at graduate and undergraduate levels. His research focuses on sustainability, exploring the role of business in society, the tensions in the context of sustainability, and the importance of embedding sustainability into business school curriculum. As a Fulbright scholar in 2011, he studied the social entrepreneurship movement in India.