The Night Palace

Bog O’Mullet’s story is loosely based on a journey he made in 1975-6 when he travelled through Europe on a Triumph motorcycle, all his possessions in a yellow plastic bag strapped across the bike. An interest in computers later led to his career designing and building large IT systems for industry.

Today he remembers the seventies as a golden age, the last decade before computerization enslaved us.

Now retired, he tends his collection of ‘70s superbikes and writes. This is his first novel.

“The Night Palace is startlingly original. A spiritual
noir—part globetrotting thriller, part, psychological drama—
the novel follows Henry, its captivating protagonist, on his adventures (and internal, soul- seeking journey) across Europe as he finds himself entangled in bizarre and chilling plots, enmeshed in a strange world of mysterious characters, and forced to face his past and future, as each choice he makes unlocks new doors of understanding.

Author Bog O’Mullet expertly blends romance, danger, and philosophy, portraying the inner-life of a man embarked on an odyssey of hard-won change; the novel has such a widbreadth of characters and narrative intrigues which elevate the story into a gripping parable that resonates into universality.

The prose is sharp and fast, Mr. O’Mullet painting wild, vivid locales and portraying the poetic depths of the soul with an artful ease that draws the reader into the novel and holds them there with twists, turns, and profound truths.

A stunning work. I highly recommend.”

Charles Asher MFA, Phi Beta Kappa Reviews
If you liked Kurt Vonnegut (Breakfast of Champions)
and Robert Pirsig (Zen and the Art of Motorcycle
Maintenance) back in the seventies, then you’ll enjoy
The Night Palace today.

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