My Partner Is Depressed, What Can I Do?

My Partner Is Depressed, What Can I Do? is asked by many of Bronwyn Barter’s clients, people seeking help to support and understand their partners and loved ones living with depression.

Bronwyn has been a practising Breathwork therapist for over 25 years and is the president of the Australian Academy of Breathwork. She specialises in the condition of diagnosed and undiagnosed depression, teaching people to breathe and relax in the face of tension, sadness, stress, grief, and adversity. The author’s personal experience with depression and the many years of consulting with her clients have given her valuable insights into the causes and positive outcomes possible for those who are depressed and their families.

Living with someone who is constantly “down” can cause relatives to spiral into their own sadness and helplessness.

Bronwyn discusses some causes of depression and ways to alleviate it. She speaks to the families of those who are depressed, the relatives who are often forgotten when viewed from outside the family situation.

There are as many causes of depression as people suffering its effects. The most commonly felt, yet frequently denied reasons include social anxiety, PTSD, family changes, illness, relationships, grief, threats of suicide, and the responsibility of looking after oneself.

This definitive book will help supporters understand depression, and find the valuable and practical help they need for a recovery that leads to a happy life.

“Understanding depression is probably the best way to help a depressed person back to a better life. This is why a book like this is so important.” – Gunnel Minett, author of Exhale, An Overview of Breathwork

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