Straight and Lethal by Carlo Antico

About the Book

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6 Music-Themed Short Stories Are ‘Straight and Lethal’

This stunning collection of six short stories set in different cities all share a music theme. Denver is the setting for the story “Straight And Lethal,” in which Kenneth works at Twist And Shout, the greatest record store in town. He meets Ruby, a girl who is going to rock his world. “Vicky” is a hot blonde in Boston who uses Ron’s infatuation with her to her advantage.

“The Long And Winding Teenage Years” takes place in Chicago, where a shy guy who is bullied at school finds solace in his records. Seattle hosts Ron and Alan, two English college undergrads who share a passion for rock music, heavy metal, and baseball in the short story “Queen City Rockers.” “The Hendersons (Hats Off to The FABS)” begins in London and is a tribute to The Beatles. And in the final story, a voodoo priest promises a New Orleans sports writer that all his wishes will come true in “The Magic King.”

Besides music, the stories contemplate the themes of love, bullying, sports, and making all your dreams come true!