Kid Courageous By C. D. Nichols

9781609118099 Nichols CV 061310.inddEight leading characters in eight short stories demonstrate courage, cunning, and action as they teach our teenagers to become resilient, confident, and brave.

In Kid Courageous, author C. D. Nichols immerses her readers in teenage tales they can relate to and learn from. Each of the eight short stories portrays a situation that a youthful main character must face head on and figure out how to deal with. Teenagers will be enriched as they follow the antics of one courageous youngster after another.

Sometimes their displays of daring come in the form of action; other times, pure resourcefulness saves the day. In Kid Courageous, your teen will encounter new friends, new situations, and new ways of developing self-reliance, courage, and ingenuity.

Don’t let the teenagers in your life miss this opportunity to connect with eight wonderful characters, some boys and some girls, as they negotiate life’s challenges in a high school setting. The short-story format is perfect for filling in the spaces between your kids’ many activities.