Beauty by C. D. Nichols

Nichols Cover WebWhen Beauty, the liquid amber tree, pushes her head out of the warm earth, her mother is filled with pride when she sees her young sapling.

As Beauty grows, she experiences the changing seasons, watches her leaves change colour, and loses her leaves to face the cold winter.

When spring arrives and new leaves sprout on her now long branches, the birds nest and lay their eggs amongst her leaves.

But one day, fire charges up the valley and Beauty watches in fear as the long fingers of fire burn the trees and grasses as the flames come ever closer toward her and her mother. Suddenly a fire truck arrives and the firemen put out the fire before it reaches Beauty. Her rescuers sit in the shade of her branches to enjoy a refreshing drink of water.

Beauty is so happy that her mother and she are saved. What’s in store next for these two survivors of nature?

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