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About Love Circles

Love-Circles-PosterLove Circles is a riveting account of sexual revenge and betrayal played out over twenty-five years in the lives of three men, friends who have managed to stay friends, and are now happily married.

They meet at a newly built jazz club to reminisce on all the bad relationships they have had over the years, times when they were living in a vicious love circle of life.

Yet they still remained loyal to each other, despite all the other friends who betrayed them over the decades.

The three have triumphed over all obstacles by learning that God is the only one who really gets revenge. The story follows Lenny, Richard, and Nathan as they learn things the hard way when their lives were put in danger. Will they prevail?


About Dezirable: I’m Feeling Myself

Robinson-Cover-WebDesiree Miller, aka Dezirable, has been a widow for four long, lonely years. She hasn’t been touched by another man since her husband Michael passed. Suddenly she starts having sexual dreams and fantasies that put her body in the mood for making love. The more dreams she has, the more real they start to feel, until she’s finally ready to take the plunge with another man.

Dezirable has two friends she turns to for advice. Her best friend Saundra is funny and crazy, and is also looking for Mr. Right, though she wants a rich Mr. Right. Her friend Chassidy’s man has trouble keeping a job, but she sticks by her man anyway.

After all the lonely nights and intense dreams, Dezirable finally finds Tony, whom she thinks is her soul mate. He cares for her and adores her just as she does him. They seem made for each other from the start. Their desire becomes so strong that they can’t resist each other.

The two take a chance and bring their relationship to the next level, enjoying hot, steamy sex. Their chemistry is so strong that they can’t deny what they feel for each other.

Will their love story last?

About the Author

Charles Lee Robinson Jr. grew up in Rochester, New York, and currently lives in Clearwater, Florida. His first novel was titled Love Circles. “I was inspired to write this book because real and true love is hard to find, but I wanted to help people to understand it isn’t impossible to find that special person and it takes work.”