Books by by Chico a Q Arenas

Before Elvis$

Chico A.Q. Arenas begins his riveting memoir Before Elvis$ with the story of his father’s family immigrating to America from Cuba in 1906.

He relates in some detail how his paternal relatives settled into life in their new country.

A professional musician, the author shares how he came to love music and learned to perform many varieties of music during his career. His adventures include the interesting acquaintances he made as well as the many places he visited while performing with a popular music ensemble.

His book details “my love for life. My love for friendship and family. My love for music. The most important people in my life and the spiritual connection with each one.”

From 1906 to present day, this stunning book captures over a century of one family’s Cuban history that is still in the making.

Now retired, Chico A.Q. Arenas lives in Tampa, Florida. His father’s family came from Santiago and Havana, Cuba, where his family manufactured cigars.