Author Christine Conrad Cazes

The Caribou King

Hope turns misfortune into a new beginning in this adventurous children’s story The Caribou King.

Rae stares at his caribou family after awakening from a dream that seems so real. He watches his family enjoy the fresh taste of new moss and ferns until Doe challenges him to a race toward the highest mountain.

Despite several warnings to return home, the two young deer explore the mountain, only to discover a hidden opening covered by vines and bushes. Curiosity leads them deep into a hidden cave until they feel the earth shake.

Frightened, Rae and Doe huddle together in a small alcove watching the stone walls crumble and the floor crack wide open forming a sinkhole.

Rae falls deeper and deeper below the cave’s surface, crying for help, until he lands on frozen ground in the magical Land of Light. In this peaceful place, Rae discovers a powerful gift that transforms his world and changes the lives of his caribou family.

The Caribou King embraces the idea of hope. When faced with personal dilemmas or natural disasters, we need to hold onto the hope that tomorrow will be better.

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She Never Asked for Wings

Family and friends turn hardships into miracles in the delightful children’s story She Never Asked for Wings.

Cob and Pen build their nest in the beautiful southern orchard of Westorchid, knowing that soon their baby swans will arrive. One evening, Pen lays her third egg at the very moment a star flickers, signaling that this swan will be special because it glistens under the stars.

Three playful swans, Loc, Ty, and Cal preen their fluff and dunk for pond weeds enjoying life to the fullest. Loc and Ty grow bigger and bigger every day, but Cal remains small. Then one day, Pen discovers that Cal has no wings.

Despite the beautiful swan’s inability to fly, Cal smiles and sings the loveliest songs ever. Magic begins when Bo gathers all the swans to build wings for Cal. Admired by a loving family, a loyal friend, and a shining star, Cal becomes the angel swan who flies freely.

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Gem’s Gift

Love is the breathing heart that keeps a family together. The Star of Westorchid shines down on the beautiful northern orchard of Westorchid as it admires the young squirrel born there during a hailstorm.

Gem comes into the world in Westorchid during a fierce spring storm. His parents know their only child will be very special, because when he was born, they spotted a three-pointed star on his forehead. Looking up at the Star of Westorchid shining down on them like a precious jewel, his parents name him GEM.

The little squirrel grows up to be playful and mischievous, hiding his acorns where no one else can find them. Little does he know that one of his hidden acorns takes root in a secluded area, growing larger than any other tree in the orchard.

Surrounded by the love of his parents, the protection of an oak tree, and the guidance of a star, Gem faces a terrible winter storm, where he discovers the greatest gift of all … LOVE.

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Punkin’s biggest wish is to become the very best pumpkin on his hidden acre in the eastern orchard of Westorchid. With encouragement from his friends, Punkin is determined to be selected as the finest pumpkin at the Halloween Harvest Fair.

Magic is in the air, as the young pumpkin sits patiently in his beautiful patch, hoping to grow large enough to be selected for the fair. He hears the chirping sounds of birds and learns that their music helps him grow! Sparrow struggles to pronounce his name, calling him Punkin. He blinks in approval at the sound of his new name as other creatures from Westorchid approach him.

Wren, Hare, and Fawn discover Punkin’s wish, and with encouraging words from his friends, Punkin’s color turns orange and he grows into a very large round pumpkin, just in time for the harvest. But this is just the beginning of his adventure!

About the Author

Award-winning author Christine Conrad Cazes lives with her husband, Lloyd, and their two dogs in Westchester County, New York. A teacher by day and writer by night, as a reading and writing specialist in the public school system, her young students are her source of inspiration. She Never Asked for Wings is the author’s third children’s book, continuing her Westorchid series. Punkin and Gem’s Gift, her first children’s books, both received the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award in the categories of Children’s Interest and Children’s Literary Fiction.