Love is the Most Important Thing in the Universe

Jesus shares the story of love, happiness, fun, and beauty in this inspirational children’s book. These four lessons are designed to teach children about the universe they live in and how love defines their interactions with the new people they meet every day.

Love is the Most Important Thing in the Universe is a beautiful and heart-warming story that teaches children in a contemporary way that love is a good thing.

Church ministers, teachers, and parents will find this book the perfect reading material for teaching children about the message of love.

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Christopher R. Phillip, originally from Los Angeles, California, is the director of communications for a marketing agency in Clearwater, Florida. He says, “Having Jesus in my life has changed my understanding of why I am here, and I hope that this book introduces both children and parents to Jesus. Of course, the title of this book gives away the story’s most important message, but there’s another message that I find equally as inspirational: Choose to make Jesus your best friend, and whether you’re eight years old or 80 years old, now is the perfect time to do it!” Previously a full-time national magazine writer in the music and automotive fields, he adds, “I could feel Jesus helping me with every word, every sentence, and every page. Writing this book was unlike anything else I’ve professionally written, and I’ve written and been published for 30 years.”