The end of the three worlds looms in the balance, as on his eighteenth birthday, Roderick, the eldest son of a farmer, awakens to find himself in possession of a black jewel.

The gem endows him with the powers of an ancient being who will kill him within a year if he cannot do three things: prevent the revival of the source of all evil; fight against a mad tyrant bent on total domination; and save himself by finding the second in a series of jewels that revives the King of Gods, Barrackus.

In the ancient world before memory, there existed only one being who held the soul of good, the soul of evil, and the soul of life. As time marched forward, the souls of evil and good became unbalanced, and the being was separated into three.

Life began, and Barrackus, God that is all, expelled the evil into the abyss.

The two worlds began a war to control the middle realm of life, but neither could gain a solid foothold and defeat the other. Barrackus realized he had to become the ruler of the world of life once again, but he could not enter it without a vessel.

He split his essence into a series of jewels that can only reanimate his powers through a specific combination of bloodlines. Roderick is the descendant chosen to defeat Bain, the embodiment of pure evil. Can he succeed?

From Muskegon, Michigan, Dana A. Harvey was an avionics technician in the Navy until he sustained an injury. Now a disabled veteran, his writing is inspired by fantasy writers Terry Goodkind and Robert Jordan. This is his first novel.

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