The Book Before Revelations
by Daniel “BROKeN” Manning

Manning-Cover-WebAbout the Book

The Book Before Revelations is a modern-day religious fantasy starring angels and demons that wage the ultimate battle.

Meet Nate, a young adolescent who has survived nothing but the worst from an abusive family and bullying at school. He meets an angel named Angie, who has experienced similar betrayals in heaven. The two begin to bond on an unusual level.

As their friendship grows, Angie hears about an unstoppable war that hell plans to unleash on earth. There is no way heaven stands a chance of victory … unless the believers on earth can stop it with their heavenly yet human bodies opposing hell’s angels and demons.

The young boy who was a non-believer begins training one on one with the angel. On Nate and Angie’s journey, will they find happiness, love, friends, and peace in a time of war?

About the Author

Daniel “BROKeN” Manning is a student and this is his first book. Sequels are in the works.

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