A Short Journey Through Tall Stories by David James

978-1-62516-178-9-DJamesCoverAbout the Book

A Short Journey Through Tall Stories features thought-provoking and entertaining short stories. Some project the future, while others remind us of the past.

Man is, without doubt, the most intelligent creature to have lived on the planet he calls Earth. He is also without doubt the most destructive animal that nature has spawned. He has the gift to love his fellow man and the ability to hate within his soul. He can be generous to a fault, but greedy enough to kill for gain.

Unfortunately for his landlord – Mother Earth – his mercenary nature is predominating and his avarice has seen him mutate from a tenant into a squatter. He has grown in numbers to such a degree that his demands are greater than the ability of nature to sustain him in the manner he demands.

Man embraces religion, yet develops weapons that can destroy everything. The worship of too many gods and too many religions, along with inner greed, ensures there will be conflicts and wars.

The threat of an alien invasion stops him from a nuclear confrontation between his fellow Inhabitants, allowing him time to appreciate the mistakes of his previous actions. Will man take the wrong path and travel the road to oblivion?

An American president and a British prime minister, friends of long standing, try to save the world, but the price is unimaginable. At what cost will Earth survive?

Find out, by taking A Short Journey Through Tall Stories.