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Something is rotten in the state of New Hampshire.

Retired investigator William Westfall, an Englishman residing in Gloucester, Massachusetts, receives a telegram from the U.S. government requesting his aid in an investigation of a recent string of disappearances.

A long-time friend, Professor Daniel Jefferies of Boston University, delivers the government request. The investigation leads both men to several sites in New England, but because of the terrible weather conditions, their search will not be easy. Complicating things is that the perpetrator seems to be inhuman! This leads both men to question their beliefs and wonder if they can Catch the Devil.

The story ends at the weather observatory on Mount Washington, New Hampshire, one of the most dramatic weather spots in the country.

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About the Author

Retired from the construction management field, D.B Thomas lives with his wife Cindy in Chippewa, Pennsylvania near his birthplace. “Five years ago, I had a stroke which affected my left side. The story was finished but not edited. The book was on hold. My wife knew I really wanted this book published, so she edited the book.” This is his second book.