Silent Screams by D. Cross

978-1-62516-995-2-DCrossCoverAbout the Book

A Personal Journey Through Trauma and Illness

When author D. Cross came to a critical turning point in her life, she chose to examine all the steps that led her to that moment.

Silent Screams is a stunning memoir that recounts one woman’s painful struggle following a severe psychological crisis. After an attempted suicide reveals the close relationship she had for many years with her psychiatrist, she traces her life from childhood to the effects of her long-term physical illness and emotional traumas. Believing that studying psychology might help her gain insight, she enters college. But following graduate school, a bitter divorce and another destructive relationship throw her into an emotional tailspin.

Cross then enters a new phase of her life when a rare, debilitating, and incurable disease begins taking hold of her body. She says her book “may also be used as a reference for medical researchers working to discover a cure for myositis, and to enlighten the many health professionals unaware of this disease.” Through her personal experiences, the author offers insight and awareness to others with struggles of their own.

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