The Scythians: The White Race in Antiquity and the Philosophy and Doctrine of War

Watson-Cover-WebThe majority of people on Earth are racially mixed, largely due to ancient historic clashes between blacks and whites. All the ancient nations of antiquity were black.

The present political situation of blacks in America is due to their lack of knowledge of war philosophy, and the use of force and violence in the social organization of the state, as well as the liberation of colonial oppression here and in Africa.

The book shows a white falsification of history. There is a war being waged against black people in America and in Africa to maintain an insidious global white supremacy.

About the Author

Currently living in Florida, Dennis James Watson is a retired New York City guidance counselor whose interests lie in history, political science, yoga, the African Oracle system, astrology, Tarot, numerology, Tai Chi, blacks on Mars, science fiction, sword and sorcery , the hollow earth, aliens on earth, and mystery novels. The author went to Boys High School in Brooklyn, New York, has a business degree from the Universidad de las Americas, a masters in counseling from LIU, and a supervisory diploma from Touro College. He possesses an extensive jazz and Afro-Cuban music collection. This is his first book.