Author Dennis Knotts

Damned Deceptions

Jesus gave His believers a very clear warning: “Take heed and let no man deceive you.”

The problem with deception is that those who are deceived do not know that they are deceived. Deception is the tool of Satan to try and lead people away from the salvation that God has promised through His Word, the Bible.

This manuscript explores the history, doctrines, and teachings of two major cults, analyzing them to see if they comply with the promises God makes in His Word, or are they deceptions designed to lead people astray and into outer darkness.

Damned Deceptions also follows the logic of the teachings of these cults to see what they are actually claiming and offering their followers.

Do people truly realize what they are saying when they teach their doctrines? These are beliefs that you cannot get wrong, because if you have been deceived and are wrong, God’s Word tells us that you will be damned.

If what you believe about God, the Bible, and Jesus is wrong, wouldn’t you like to know the truth? This book offers just that: the truth based upon what God says in His Word.

This book looks at the Bible as a legally binding contract between God and man. It reviews and analyzes the teachings of Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Latter-day Saints in light of contract law, to see if their teachings and doctrine would hold up in a court of law, or are they nothing more than deceptions that will lead believers to be lost for eternity.

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Return of the Adoni

“Beware the time the golden mist seeks you; For one of you shall taste of death and you shall not return.” This was the warning of the Great Hobber to the Children of Earth many years ago.

The warning came with David and Tanya’s first visit to the Lands of the Adoni. Now young adults, the mist seeks them out on this visit. But when they arrive in Dula, they find Queen Dianna missing.

The Children of Earth are called into the Lands of the Adoni just as the Last Trumpet sounds upon the earth and the Rapture takes place. David and Tanya must assume the throne and prepare the kingdom for all-out war with their long-time enemy, Magar, and the Dark Lord himself, to prepare the way for The Return of the Adoni.

As they assume their final roles as the Steward/Stewardess of the throne of Dula, they discover as many enemies within the walls of the palace as without. Assuming the throne was easy, but holding the throne may cost them their lives. Can they hold it until the Adoni return?

This is the sixth and final book of the Dulan Archives series.

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About the Author

Dennis Knotts lives with his wife and their daughter, Shalom, in Riverside, California. This is his eleventh book.

The Silence of the Sword

It happened without warning. Millions were torn from their peaceful sleep as the Song of Morning cut off in mid-sentence.

The voice of Logos, the Talking Sword, was forever silenced as the Curse came upon the Lands of the Adoni. The Sword would still sing, but the ears of all those in the Lands of the Adoni would be forever deaf to the songs of worship and praise.

Asseem left the Council of Ancients, came to live among the gnomes, and eventually found the lost Garden of Tangar in his efforts to lift the Curse. Through it all, the Adoni continued to work behind the scenes preparing the world for the coming Battle of Es-Soh-en that would resolve forever the issue of who owned the Lands of the Adoni.

This is the story of one man – Singer – as he serves the Adoni to prepare the Chosen Kingdom for the coming battle. It is a story that will cover many lifetimes, and he will be able to live them all since he has eaten of the Tree of Unending Life.

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Afikomen… I AM Come!


It was the greatest military campaign in the history of the universe. Once the initial plan was conceived and perfected, it took six thousand years to execute. The final phase involved seven years of giving up territory. The final assault would last mere minutes, but the war to reclaim a captured planet would succeed.So confident were the planners and designers of this campaign that they leaked the entire plan for all to see and study. No matter what counter plans the enemy put into place, the Master Plan would defeat the enemy, secure the planet, and liberate its inhabitants forever.This is the final chapter in the Afikomen Series, the last three-and-a-half years of man’s dominion over the world. All the prophecies come true, as the world races towards judgment or redemption. Which will it be?

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