Very easy to read and I was able to finish it in one sitting. The book touched on several different topics of retirement as well as different courses of action. Will be Contacted author for more information. – Kenneth Delahoz (Amazon Customer)

I thought this book was very good! It wasn’t long winded and technical. It was very easy to understand and really lays out all the steps you should be taking to plan out your retirement. It brings to light issues that I hadn’t even considered before. It lays out what I thought to be a solid plan for income and not having to worry about running out of money. A lot on protection and a style of investing I hadn’t heard before, which makes complete sense to me. Laid out really step by step. All in all, I learned quite a bit about the process. I also bought the workbook by this author and I completely finished my outline in less than two hours. Good book, highly recommend. – Francine G. (Amazon Customer)

Must purchase the first book to get the total benefits. Opens up your mind to the facts on where you stand in your retirement plans. Good way to tract yourself on your progress towards your retirement goals. – Kenneth Delahoz (Amazon Customer)

I read the book that goes along with this workbook and this really follows the book chapter by chapter. So what I learned in the book, I have now implemented in this workbook. Asks questions to fill in holes I didn’t even know existed. Recaps the chapters, gives you things to think about, then goes into ideas and then leads you right through a series of questions. I feel like now everything is in one place and I have a complete outline. I feel organized actually! You can write all your information right within the book which is great for me. It was nice to have both because I was able to reference back. I guess you could just use the workbook by itself but like I said it was nice to be able to reference the book. Easy, took me less than two hours and I have an excellent understanding of everything I learned. AND I have a plan! Nice job, highly recommend. – Francine G. (Amazon Customer)