Isabella and Isaack’s Magical Tree House Adventure: Outer Space
by Ebony Hayes

About the Book

Hayes Cover WebSix-year-old twins Isabella and Isaack have a tree house. But it isn’t an ordinary tree house; theirs is magical!

When Isabella and Isaack wake in the morning, they quickly get dressed and head for their very special tree house. As they enter it, their imaginations run wild and they wonder where they should go today.

Isaack opts for outer space. Suddenly the tree house transforms into a rocket ship and blasts off into space, flying past Earth and landing on the moon.

The twins jump out of the rocket and bounce along the moon’s surface, where they meet an alien named Bluga. They play with Bluga until it’s time to leave the moon for home, taking off and flying quickly through space so they won’t be late. Their rocket ship lands in their backyard, only to transform itself into the tree house once again.

What other adventures await Isabella and Isaack?

About the Author

Ebony Hayes of New South Wales, Australia, was inspired by her children to write this tale of imagination and space travel.