Pele’s Tears: A Ginger Akana Adventure

A body is found spread-eagled on the lava at Kilauea Volcano. The black bullet hole in the forehead is matched by two black stones placed on the body’s eyes: Pele’s Tears.

Is this a political murder or something more sinister? Join insurance investigator Ginger Akana and former Maui County Police Detective Gary Opupele as they navigate the dangerous waters of murder and kidnapping in their desperate search for an object entangled with espionage and international intrigue.

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About the Author

Esther Schrader and her artist husband Jack live in Vancouver, Washington, with their twin red tabby cats and the memorabilia of their Hawaiian travels. Besides her five previous novels, her stories have appeared in Art of Horror, Miscellaneous Ramblings, Flashshots, Femme Erotique, and Nevermore Magazine. She won a British publisher’s short story contest and was a top finalist for the Anubis Award for Horror with her novel The Shadow People. Murder Most Foul, a collection of her short stories, was published by Cyber-Pulp Press. Her short stories also appear in the anthologies Hell Hath No Fury, Flashshot: Year One and Year Two, Small Bites, Twisted Cat Tales, Halloween: 3.0, Embark to Madness, Drabbler #5, Strange Stories of Sand and Sea, and Flashshot 2010.