The Crimson Beret: Who Else But Us? by Gennadii Ternovskii

9781628575262-Perfect.inddAbout the Book

In this book, the author not only reveals the secrets of how the elite Special Forces are trained for action, but also discusses all the unpleasant, negative aspects of the Russian Army. For that, Russia’s military officials scored him severely, whereas commanders of operational units engaged in battle missions to buy The Crimson Beret and use it as a training aid for their officers and soldiers.

The Crimson Beret is a story of modern-day Spartans, fearless and invincible warriors, of real men, cavaliers of today, and of beautiful, wise women who support their men with the power of their love thereby inspiring the men’s feats. The book also explores genuine friendship and the brotherhood of warriors, real courage and heroism, and self-sacrifice and reckless bravery.

About the Author

Геннадий Терновский — ОкраплённыеGennadii Ternovskii was born and grew up in the city of Pyatigorsk. In 1993, after he finished school, he entered Novosibirsk Military Academy of the Internal Troops of Russia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs. As he graduated from the Military Academy in 1998, he qualified for the Sixth SWAT Detachment of the Internal Troops of Russia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, known as “Vityaz.” He took part in the counterterrorist mission in the Northern Caucasus and the special release hostage mission at Dubrovka Theatrical Center (the “Nord-Ost” musical). In 2005, when he quit the army, he started his theatre and movie career and began writing books.